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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

St. Florian Church at Christmas time

I was raised going to this church. My brother and his family still attend, thanks for posting the pictures Amy.

I still like to go to Midnight Mass because the stain-glass windows are so beautiful. Those windows and the church itself have a very old history. Those windows have witness many marriages, funerals and baptisms. When I was young I always imagined God lived in this church. I now know he lives in me.

The poor priest of my youth... my confessions were long and redundant. I often thought I should just record them so I could save time each week.

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Amy Jane said...

you are welcome! let me know next time you come to midnight Mass. i sing in the Christmas Chior at midnight and i usually play "Mary Did You Know" on the organ. i am the only brave Trousdale who beats the sleep to attend midnight Mass.