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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Envy... a four letter word

I really get steamed when a person can't be happy for another writer's good fortune. Be happy for them people! You can not always be the best at everything. Someone will be prettier, smarter, taller, have longer ears.... haheheheheha
To all my published writing buddies, I feel you're the one that can see over the fence and what is beyond (and you have a cool punk hair going and longer ears... the better to listen with my dear) and I'm right there beside you cheering you on knowing that one day I'll be able to see over that wall, too. Do you think my ears will grow?
I know I'm being silly but my silly message is be happy with what and who you are and don't be envies of others that seem to be achieving your goals and dreams. Work hard to achieve yours and be truly happy that your friend reached their dream. I mean wanting their happiness is like taking a sucker away from a baby... sure the flavor is there but you just can't get past the fact that there is gross slobber all over it.
Not that I've ever taken a sucker away from a baby... well maybe once when he was sticking it in his sister's hair.

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