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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Never new words, just new people saying them

My Dad will be 81 this August. We're so much alike that sometimes we butt heads. I look like my Dad. The funny part about getting older is that you start to sound like your parents. Have you ever said... I'll never do my kids that way or I'll never say that to my kids... well you better get a knife and fork because you will be eating crow.
I find my mouth blabbing the same phases, sentences and words my parents, grandparents and aunts said to me.

Kids today don't know how to work.
Kids today have no respect for themselves or others
Party, Party is all you think about
Things that come too easy is never appreciated

Do any of these sound familiar?

Happy Father's Day Daddy.

1 comment:

Amy Jane said...

I look like Daddy too, and it is scary. My friends are always telling me "Amy, you look/sound/act just like your dad." haha.

And I would like to point out that those phrases are not completely true. Just look at my friends and myself. :P