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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Planting

My back hurts. my nails are dirty, and my feet... I smell of mulch and rich dirt and my hair got cut short yesterday because it smelled like sweat all the time.

Some of you are saying What?  while others are nodding and smiling.  Okay, I will come clean... or humm dirty... I'm a bulb pushing, limb pruning, leaf pinching, ground tiller, seed planting, organic fertilizer.... addict

I am a Gardener

Planting is hard work, planting is time consuming, planting is heaven to me.

If you don't garden, try it.  If you garden, well you know in your heart that it is exercise for the soul.


rushmyessays said...

I believe everyone should do something to save this world and best you can do is to plant. Good work, loved it. Thank you for sahring it

Carol Varsalona said...

Patricia, my grandmother was the ultimate garden. Everything she touched grew into a beautiful plant, bush or vegetable. I used to love to roam her expansive gardens with her in the summers. I am gearing up to design my spring gallery of artistic expressions. I love what you have to say about gardening. Your photos are lovely. If interested in offering your poetic thoughts and photo please check out my invitation (http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2017/04/invitation-to-springsations.html) and send them to me at cvarsalona@gmail.com.