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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dream, such a fickle friend

We all have listen to the sweet whisperers of dream... that imaginary friend that shares "could be" moments with us.  Dream paints a lovely picture of things that could happen.  What she forgets to add is the blood, sweat and tears it takes to realize those visions.  When Dream talks to us everything seems so easy but its not.  

A long time ago, I started setting goals.  I call it my four step life changer.  At the first of every month I set a small daily goal that is easy to reach (like get my ironing done, take a walk, groom my dogs, etc)  these goals change with the season but I always look at my calendar to see the one thing that day that will make me an achiever.  Next I set weekly goals that takes a little more effort, sort of my hate to do but must do goals but a disclaimer here... if I don't reach all of the goals for the week, they are added to the next week and it makes it harder to get both done.  Moral of that fly in the buttermilk... reach your goals for the week.

Next is my monthly goals.  These are the ones that make me feel good about myself or not.  Hard goals that will make me better.  These might be blogging more (check)  writing more (not yet), uncluttered my house (started), quilting (working on it), gardening (I wish), etc.

The last step is simple.  At the end of each year I look at what I said I was going to do  but didn't.  I write down three I will work harder on the next year.  
Dreams are good for you soul.  They let you soar higher, be stronger, be smarter... be more... but all those "be" take work.  Set those goals and start paving the road to the world of "I am" 


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