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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being a Mommy when you're just a kid

That is what I did 43 years ago today. I was eighteen and poor and totally happy. No my baby didn't get a college fund set up when she was born (good thing since education wasn't really her idea of fun... I mean really she went to a two year junior college three and a half years and still didn't graduate), My baby didn't have a perfect nursery... no she slept in a crib next to our bed for two years because we lived in a small house that only had one bedroom, my baby didn't have all the things money could buy but... she went everywhere with me and her Daddy... we played with her, took her to parks, swimming, horse riding,  we did anything she wanted to try.... we took our kids camping every summer and it was really camping where you slept in the back of a pickup with a camper shell and the only light at night was a campfire. I was room mother, team mother, take to the game mother, football, basketball, baseball, cheerleader practice ... haul the drinks, sell the tickets, ask for donations, sit in the rain (even at a basketball game but that is another story)

Melissa Anne has two beautiful daughters of her own now and she might not think her old mother is right about anything... except how she was raised... she has pretty much raised her girls like we raised her... except they get anything they want. Spoiled but that okay they're my grandbabies.

Love ya Missy Pooh... no matter what color you dye your hair.

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