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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Perfect gifts....

After getting the house ready for my annual Christmas get together, I needed this so bad... one of Missy's friends gave this to me and a gift card to Kohl's ... so thoughtful and I enjoyed them both... :)
The buttons are from JCP and I've won nearly two hundred dollars worth of gift certificates... thank you JCP...

The other present came from Irene Latham and words can't do it justice.... my entire blog in book form from Nov 2009 to Oct 2012 
How cool is that???

Missy said Irene was causing a family fight because her and Ron was already fussing over who got it ..


Irene Latham said...

Wait, I thought I was the one who'd get it. :)
Hate that I missed your party! Can't wait to hear about it. xo

StableGranny said...

Irene, if you want to rummble with my kids... go for it but a little inside information... Jase said she's watching where I put it and they won't be able to find it because sticky fingers had already lifted it... that's my girl... don't fight and fuss just go for what you want.