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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It;s all fun and games until someone turns out to be road kill

that is what my children said to me Saturday night.  They also said they were going to get me one of those buttons you push ----Help I've fallen and I can't get up.... I got up!!! slow but I got up.

Here's the story,  It was about 6:45 pm and I just got home from work... went to the chicken house to gather the eggs before going home... put the 11 eggs in my shirt tail...pulled into driveway and stopped to check mail... got out with my pin flashlight.... stepped on the edge of the road that is much higher than the shoulder.... BAM  fell and because I had eggs in my shirt tail and my hands were full with that and the flashlight I hit my shoulder and then my knee but my hand holding the eggs hit the gravel and bled like crazy.  Broke all 11 eggs... lost my flashlight which Ronnie found next day about 10 feet down the ditch.  Ronnie fussed because I had the eggs in my shirt instead in a basket where the belonged.  He said, "What would have happened if you had hit your head?"   I said, "It would have knocked me out and some redneck driver would have ran over me and then I would have been road kill for Christmas."  He said, "You're not funny." 
Now in truth, that was funny ... wasn't it...
I'm fine.  Just added a few dings to this old body. I'm not showing my knee because then I would have to shave my legs and I'm too lazy to do that.  This picture is of my shoulder three days later.


Irene Latham said...

I think you should write a poem called Road Kill for Christmas. BE CAREFUL. xo

Sheila said...

Not to mention the hurt you on those almost dozen eggs.
Miss you!+