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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

II dislike bullies... even little ones that haven't learned the bad words yet!!!!

I hate, hate, hate bullies! Why? Maybe because I was a bully as a child. I know say it's not true but I did have a head strong personality and wanted everything my way. (everyone that knows me I can hear you saying did have! wanted!) Now I didn't take money or call name... no no... I would just smack you if you didn't do what I wanted done. I know not a pretty picture but I promise I've overcome this childhood imperfection and never smack people... I just verbally bully them into doing what I want done. :)

You might ask what happened. My granddaughter Lakelynn got braces today and posted this picture on FB and a little boy comment that she was ugly (not the first time he has said mean things about her on FB) When I posted to call him down for being "a mean girl" (I use that term even to boys because when they say ugly things it makes be think of bratty girls that say hurtful things) This little social bully back talked me.... oh my.... I just informed him he had a very unusual name and I think I could easily find out who his parents were and let them know he is being a bully online (forgot to mention he goes to her school and lives in same town as me). I looked at his profile and his parents can't know what this kid is doing... he has a general public account. Anyone can look at his wall and he posted his cell phone on his wall... YIKES ... Lake isn't the only one he is mean to and most likely his parents won't do anything but I have to try for the girls that don't have a granny that will.

OH MY... I just got a "I'm sorry" to me and Lakelynn. I told him I was reporting him to FB.. that bluff worked :)

We all need to do something about this abuse and I am going to ask Lake to unfriend him. In true, I feel sorry for the little fellow... he is thirteen, not so little but...I wonder if he gets name calling at home or at school.

I posted a picture without the huge sunglasses. I would say she is far from ugly, wouldn't you!


Gail said...

She's a beauty!!!

StableGranny said...

Thanks Gail.. her real beauty you can't see, it's not on her face but in her kind spirit. She told me that little boy had a bad home life and she wasn't going to hurt him by unfriending him. Then she grin and said, "You always said sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you."

Charlie said...

Remember that post that was titled isn't mother nature awesome - can I use that picture for my website's header background/

StableGranny said...

I got that picture from a weather page that had free pictures, so yes feel free.