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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who invented the list?

Was it a woman planning out the day for her husband or was it a woman that has "most-timers" and needs to get certain things done by a certain time and date... oh I know it was a woman that invented lists...

Have you ever seen a man make a list ... ever?

The only thing about these lists, they get longer as your family grows and you get slower in getting the stuff on them done.

I think that when you turn sixty nobody should expect you to remember anything and you should just do things as your remember them. Yes, that sounds good.

Heck while we're dreaming let's say that when you turn sixty you lose all those pesky extra pounds, your wrinkles wash away if you stand in a rain shower, you eyesight, hearing, teeth and anything else that needs help to perform what they should be doing magically goes back to functioning like they did when you was a kid.

Don't you wish you was about to turn sixty??

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