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Monday, May 9, 2011

Should we always share??

Have you ever felt like everyone is pulling at you and they don't want you to have anything. I know that at times it seems like you can't find peace to enjoy what you love but... always a but... would you love it so much if nobody wanted it??

Special things only become more special when people praise or brag on it. Take for example my best friend and soul mate. Everyone tells me ... Ronnie is so sweet. Ronnie is so much fun. Ronnie is so talented, he can fix anything. etc etc

I always roll my eyes and say, "You don't live with him." but you know my heart does swell just a little when others see what a special person he is and he is mine.

My point is, no we don't have to share what is special to us. From the old jeans that look great on you but feels like your soft nightgown (and you granddaughter wants to wear them to the barn) to you husband (now I don't mean share like kinky stuff) that you send to help out the neighbor or let just anybody dance with him (which I do because I like to watch that man dance) It's not wrong to save something for you, but if you choose to share that is okay too.

The picture reminds me of a mother trying to eat supper... her food always taste better than the food in her kids plate.

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