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Friday, February 11, 2011

What is that big yellow thing in the sky??

I'm standing at the window looking at the clear blue sky and dreaming of spring. My buttercups are peeking their green caps out of the just yesterday snow covered ground. It's too cold to walk in the woods or just sit on the porch but tomorrow it will be in the high sixties and by next week it will be getting into the 70's. I'm looking at garden seed sites on the web and trying to decide if I want to arrange my time to make room for a ride on the trail this weekend. Most likely I will. :)
I think we're on the down hill run to spring. It's funny, I'm always ready for spring but this year it's almost a aching need to soak up some sun.

Oh yes, I saw 19 robins in my front yard this morning. I think I'm going to pour another cup of coffee, settle in a chair in the sun room and see if I can hear the grass growing.


Sheila said...

I can hardly wait to soak up some rays on the sailboat,. I nice gentle breeze pulling me along. Just me a sailboat and maybe even the "Beast".

Gail said...

I'm loving the spring air, in fact, I have the windows open. At least until all the pollen starts! Yella is NOT my color.