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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My best friend leaves me every morning

My dog, Lexie, goes everywhere with me. She patiently waits while I do errands, content to just be with me. Well, this week my husband (who in the past has called my dog stupid because she won't come when he calls and growls when he gets close to me) asked if I thought Lexie would go to the barn with him and help with the horse. He likes the way she helps me move the horses in and out of the barn and how the horses respects her presents. Being the kind person I am... I said sure. Now my best friend is gone from 8am until 10am every morning and this evening he took her for the evening feeding. I'm sad. But, she is losing weight which she needs to do... I'm a good master and feed her well... the most important thing is she loves herding. Like I was born to be smart, wise, beautiful.... okay wrong adjectives hehehe
This dog loves to herd. The dog in the picture isn't Lexie. My cheap camera won't take her working but I will post one of her as soon as I can get one of the grandbabies camera.
It is hard to go somewhere and my friend not be with me but I know she is happier and healthier doing what she was meant to do.

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Sheila said...

It is a good likeness of here and I think you meant presence not presents, unless you are talking about something else. hehehe