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Friday, November 5, 2010

Check his list

Christmas time's a comin' and old Santa is checking his list. How good have you been this year. I've been about as good as I am every year.... how is that for a straight answer. Lets just say that since the year Santa gave me a radiator for the car... I've not expected much. He's good to me all year and I'm just not a big "give me girl" Now don't get me wrong... a bow on a hood ornament doesn't make the radiator a gift and you do not have to say thank you... but it was funny. Oh yeah, there was the year he brought a bright shiny red coat that you might see in the redlight part of big cities. Santa thought it was beautiful... I thought it was trashy, but I wore it with black stocking at night in the dark, at home.

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Amy Jane said...

and you house at christmas time is so magical it becomes a completely different world that disappears as soon as you walk out the door