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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer project finished

Well sort of... I set out to piece a charm quilt... each piece different but I put the quilt together a few rows at a time and yes I have a couple of pieces that are the same... ooops
The center part has 900 pieces. I could hand quilt it but I'm going to use it soooo I'm going to get it machine quilted.
Ain't it pretty! I know is should be isn't but ain't sounds more like me :)
I pieced three quilts this summer.

Here is my thoughts about quilts. Quilts are like life. You're born, have your first family (Mother, Dad, brothers, sisters, etc) then you marry, have children, add in friends, life experiences, sorrows, joys, miracles. Now if all those things were different materials and you pieced them together you would have your life. What would your life quilt look like? stunning a work of beauty, dark and sad, bright and full of light or would it be a little of all of these things. My quilt has no pattern or color theme. Like my life, it's full of color and just happened as I lived it. One piece at a time.

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Irene Latham said...

Pat! It turned out GORGEOUS!! And it is SO YOU. Love it. And love your quilt thoughts too. Now I am all inspired to finish some of my projects.