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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes you throw the nuts...

Sometimes the nuts are thrown at you!
Stories are everywhere if you just look, listen, see
My grandson, Kane, told me the sweetest story this weekend. He was at Nana's (other grandmother) when he saw a squirrel gathering nuts... point here, did you know squirrels put nuts under their little front legs and in their mouths... I didn't?? anyway Kane said the squirrel went up the tree and he thought he would help the squirrel by throwing nuts up to him--- sure that is what he was doing!!-- the squirrel throw the nuts back at Kane. Not just one but all the nuts he labored to carry up that tree. Kane said he was a social reject because even squirrels didn't like him... this kid is 10 and with his funny personality and sweet ways (except when he throws nuts at hard working animals) he is far from a social reject.

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