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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spiritual Journey First Thursday and the word is REACH

 Donna writes about her one little word for 2017, the word Reach.

Reach can touch so many emotions... you reach for love or you reach to save.  You reach to comfort or you reach to achieve.

So, when we reach  it pulls us out of our comfort zone, over our personal protection wall where we hide so people or the world can not hurt us.

 Hiding... really how boring is that!

I start every morning reaching... for my toes (I wish) a cup of coffee.  That small urn of comfort starts my day quietly and calmly.  No coffee... look out!

I reach out to my friends and family to reassure myself that they are all good.  This is a personal reach.  I'm sure they like to know I care but it eases my mind more than theirs.

I reach out to creative side and try to work but confess that reach has been short lately.

I reach out to my animals and fill my title of caregiver.

There were times that title held much more responsibly.  I was caregiver to sick family members, a parent raising kids and a grandmother just loving those babies.

The reaching out to kids and grandbabies are different today... they don't need raising anymore but they still need to know you love them.

My number one reach every morning is to let my husband of 48 years know he is still my everything.


Donna Smith said...

I love all the ways you are reaching, and have reached. Boring, it is to have never even tried reaching out!

Violet Nesdoly said...

Patricia, I so enjoyed reading how your reaching has changed over the years. I've found that to be my experience too, and I'm most content when I don't try to reach for the things I did when I was a young mom or new in my career. And congratulations on 48 years of marriage!!

Irene Latham said...

Pat, I love the way you reach. But you know that already. xo

Doraine Bennett said...

So many ways you reach! I enjoyed imagining you in all these many ways.

Margaret Simon said...

Reaching does change with time. Thanks for all the quotes. I feel like as we age the reaching becomes more internal. We reach for the knowing of God and God's eternal presence and peace.

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You have written and describe the word *Reach* in an amazing way. Its always feel good when we have to reached to success, reached to love and reached to our aims. Your writing skills are more than awesome. Keep going mate