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Friday, March 18, 2016

I love to dig... dirty fingernails are beautiful to me

Gardens helped my family (us, Ronnie's parents, sisters-in-laws) make ends meet for over 15 years.  Not that any of us would have starved but meals were a little better because of gardens.  Now that it's just me and Ronnie... Missy does her own garden,(got that from her Mama)...and sister-in-laws fix meals for one...a garden seems like a lot of work and not necessary... that is what my husband says every spring.  Last year, I let him convince me that I could buy what we needed at the farmer market for less money.  

You can't and I missed it so much.  This year the Weaver's will have a garden.  I already have tomato and pepper plants in the ground. 

 I love to dig in the dirt.  That deep musty odor is like a friend I only see once a year.... fresh plowed dirt beckons me to share my wealth of seed and my sweat to reach the goal of large tomatoes that burst with sweet/tangy flavor and sends taste buds craving more.  The heated crunch of a cowhorn pepper is so appealing I eat them with everything including breakfast.  Well I don't eat it when I have cereal

So if you want to feel the love of Mother Earth, dig in the dirt.... plant something and watch it grown... but be careful, it is an addiction.

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Sheila Renfro said...

There is nothing better than a home grown tomato, not even the Farmers Market can touch perfect flavor at the perfect time.