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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Graduation where do you keep the diploma chiseled in stone

Second graduation class at Bradshaw, 1969 Wow that was 45 years ago.... were did the time go.


June was a busy month for me back in 1969, graduate first week then get married last week of the month.

Life was at my feet on the day I graduated... I could almost hear it saying...take me, mold me, you can go anywhere.  Some people might think I didn't listen to life on that day, but I did.  I picked the life I wanted and never looked back.  Grouchy might be my outer demeanor but happy is my inner.  As my oldest granddaughter told a friend, Granny marches to her own beat.  Thank you Jase.

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Sheila said...

Kane looks so much like Ronnie I almost thought it was him!

Keep marching my friend.