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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things my Kids will put in a yard sale

I'm a keeper... of things, memories, stories, books (although I'm not as much as I once was... got rid of several of my Civil War books but they only went to Ron's house.)

I love buttons... why?... well they make me wonder about the people that once buttoned them... about the stories they've heard and been apart of... they remind me of how we're all different like a jar full of buttons from thousand of different garments.

I love old books... Why?  well when I look at them or read them, I hear between the lines... untold stories or what could have been

I love a old man... Why?  well I ask myself that about every day.  I guess I love him so much because he knows ME ... the good, the bad and the ugly and he still loves me.

I love my babies, my children , my chickens (whose number will be increasing come end of March) my horse... really any horse.. and my dog... really most dogs.

But back to the yard sale items... most things I cherish my kids don't like... my plates on the wall, my horse figurine, my rocks, my pottery... the list goes on and on but what they do with things after I'm gone doesn't matter to me... they're special to me and I will keep them close for all of my life... oh yeah, I forget my coffee mugs (and I make sure my friends have plenty of them too) 

I love shadow boxes for love ones that have left us... here is my father-in-law's navy shadow box..

Missy asked me once to put a note on the bottom of GOOD stuff so she wouldn't sell it to cheap at a yard sale.... sorry girlfriend... you're on your on!  She was joking.... I think... or not.

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Sheila said...

I had a lot of catching up to do. The post I had read of yours was the rodentone for Groundhogs day. But you gave me some story ideas for a picture book if I wrote picture books ( but I don't).