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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why does bad things come in threes???

It always seems that way... first my dear friend and neighbor called early evening to tell us that someone broke into their house... yes they clean them out but the really bad part was her mother's jewelery. You can't replace that kind of stuff.
then one of our neighbors died, yes he had cancer and we knew it was coming but are we ever ready for someone to die??? He was a wonderful person and just a few years older than me. Finally, Sheila call this morning and her mother-in-law fell and broke her hip yesterday evening.

I've been mopey all day and I have my open house with "who know how many people coming" tomorrow night. Then I cut my pointing finger on my right hand really bad.... as Ronnie put duck tape on it (it was bleeding so bad nothing else would stick) I realized that I was so blessed. Sound crazy? Yes I have tons to do and this finger will hinder me but I have the things that are important to me like my husband... my health... my friends who will not care if the onions are a little larger than normal in the beans or if the sausage balls aren't perfectly round.
Sometimes you need a little pain to appreciate the joy in your life.

Heart felt sorrow for the Watkin's family
Lezlie, no one can steal your memories, which I know is small condolence right now
Sheila, let me know if I can help

I'm feeling very blessed this afternoon. Going to get grandbabies... maybe those feels will survive. :)

The pictures reflect my hope for the crooks that took my friends belongs.

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Gail said...

So sorry for the unfortunate events going through your friends and families's lives. You're right though; sometimes misfortune helps us remember our blessings. I hope your open house went well today and that the new week will bring on new pleasures!